Creative Coffins Part 2: Ghanaian Edition

If you got a kick out of our last Creative Coffins article, you'll love these wild woodworkings from Ghana, West Africa, where it's popular to bury loved ones in custom coffins that represent something unique about the deceased. It's unusual to see so much color and creativity around death, as it can be a morose time for the ones left behind. However, there are some cultures that embrace human mortality with a more celebratory vibe, and we "dig" it.

WARNING: If you are sensitive to terrible, irreverent puns, do not scroll down.

1. Till the End of Swine 

This guy was a real ham.

2. A Boozy Burial

His friends described his life as "slightly hoppy with a crisp finish"

3. Symphony in the Key of D(ead)

She lost herself in the music... and never came back. 

4. Gone in a Flash

They misunderstood her when she said she was more comfortable behind the lens.

5. A Dapper Death

Thanks to his killer style, he's a "shoe-in" to heaven. 

6. Smoked

Safe to say, this funeral left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

7. Throwing in the Trowel 

His life goal was to "lift up the Earth" 

8. Escargone

Poor thing, she rarely came out of her shell.

9. Life Oar Death

He was always up-to-date on current events.

10. Up Up and Away

Her friends say she was first class, but not very "down-to-Earth".

11. A Reptile Dysfunction

Judging by this coffin, it was a "large scale" funeral.

12. No More Ink

She was really quite dependable. 

Author: Nate Morgan