Creative Coffins to Lighten the Mood at Any Funeral

While many of us regard death as a somber, painful part of life, it can still be nice to shed a little humor on the subject. After all, laughter can be very healing! Check out these crazy, wacky, and hilarious coffins accompanied by the most unforgivable puns we could concoct. Enjoy.

1. Book of the Dead

Her life was on open book... Until it closed.

2. Hammer Time

"Bang bang Maxwell, silver hammer came down upon his head!" -The Beatles

3. A Tropical Tragedy

Rest in Peace, Spongebob.

4. A Fishy Finish

Safe to say, his attempt to survive really floundered. 

5. Killed by Coke

Should've chosen the DIEt coke...

6. Planting Onions

Everyone will be crying at this funeral.

7. Red Hot Chili Pepper 

She just couldn't handle the spice, and now she's on the Otherside

8. A Ballerina's Burial

Bro, that funeral was en pointe!

9. A Gut-WRENCHing End

He was a total tool while he was alive.

10. Call Me from Heaven!

She ran out of minutes... Literally.

11. Flip Flop Til You Drop

Never underestimate the danger of a footwear faux pas. 

12. A Poultry Passing

Even her life on the free range couldn't keep her from the slaughter house. 

13. ???

Looks like this spikey swan of death bit off more than it could chew. We might say the same about whoever planned this funeral. 

14. Roll the Credits

His life was very cinematic, and there unfortunately won't be a sequel. 

15. Bombs Away!

Not surprised he died young... He was a total loose canon. 

Author: Nate Morgan