These Vintage Men's Fashion Ads Will Make You Wonder What Was Actually Going On in the 70s

We're just going to say what everyone's thinking. Men's fashion designers from the 70s were clearly..well... not sober. On the one hand, we have to give them major props for taking risks in an industry that usually gives women a more varied array of acceptable styles. On the other hand, these look completely ridiculous. Perhaps these ads will be a source of nostalgia for the more mature readers who look back on this colorful decade with fondness. Just kidding, we know nobody actually remembers the 70s.

Enjoy these wacky fashion spreads from a bygone era!

1. Orange is the New Nope

Officer help! We have a fashion criminal on the loose!

2. Meet Flamboyant, Fabulous, and Fierce. 


These men are very comfortable with their masculinity. 

3. Horizontal Opening


Will someone who was around during this confusing time please tell us how that horizontal "business" worked out?

4. The Classic Belted Sweater 


Nothing like a belted sweater to tell the world "I'm just a casual guy... who means serious business."

5. The Sassy Cardigan

We have to agree with the bartender on this one.

6. Fringe on Fringe on Fringe


Groovy! Far out! Right on! Totally dig it! (For a translation, please see this comprehensive list of 70s slang.)

7. They Call Me Mellow Yellow


The 3rd picture in this spread was just a cup of coffee next to a banana.

8. The "Of Course I'm Not a Robot" Look


Yeah... still not convinced that these handsome, bell-bottomed gents are real. 

9. Seeing Quadruple


This guy seems super self-involved.

10. Jeans that Let You "Spread"  

You know, in case you want to be comfortable and look good while kicking someone in the balls. Wait, WHAT?! Not cool, guy!

Author: Nate Morgan