These "Labyrinth" Worm Slippers are Hilarious and Available to Own! (Video)

In case you've been spending your days wondering why there isn't more contemporary Labyrinth merchandise on the market, your moment has come.

The trippy, cockney-tongued worm from Jim Henson's famous film Labyrinth will soon be available in slipper form thanks to Toy Vault. That's right kiddos! 

And you can order the 1986 cutie that "ello"d his way into our hearts at Amazon for $54.99 USD.

Take a peak at the adorable product description from Toy Vault:

"After a long day of a navigating the labyrinth, it’s nice to come home and have a cup of tea with the missus, and Toy Vault’s “The Worm” from Jim Henson’s ‘Labyrinth’ Plush Slippers are just perfect for resting your tired tootsies. With a thick, cushioned sole that makes endless walking a comfy good time, these officially licensed slippers will have you saying “‘ello!” to every creature you meet! One size fits most adults up to size 12."

Are your memory wheels a little squeaky? Were the 80s just an amphetamine-induced blur for you? Here's a reminder of the sheer majesty of "Ello" Worm, not to mention a demure, fresh-faced Jennifer Connelly: 

Author: Nate Morgan