These Outrageous Kitty Playhouses are Total Purrfection!

A company named SUCK UK is selling hilarious cardboard homes and scratch toys to spoil house cats everywhere. While not all of the following items are available for purchase now, we have included Amazon links for the ones that you can currently buy for your furry friend. Each unique playhouse requires assembly and comes with instructions. Enjoy these adorable cardboard creations!

1. Cat Laptop

Finally, a computer that cats can actually sink their claws into! The laptop scratch pad also comes with an adorable little "mouse".  

2. Feline Fire Truck 

Move aside, everyone- there's a poor human stuck in a tree that needs saving! Available here.

3. Teepee Tumbles

This is truly ameowzing.

4. Catillac


We're loving this pawsome cat car! Prepare to catch your pet sitting pretty in this pink Catillac saying things like "Get in, loser. We're going shopping."

5. DJ ScratchPad

Why not provide your feline friend with a scratch toy as cool as they are? Plus, it's an excuse to come up with ridiculous DJ names for your cat. Available here.

6. Furry Flight

The perfect gift for cats with big dreams and high hopes. Available here.

7. Kitten Invasion

'Catten' down the hatches! This is for those brave fur balls that don't mess around and take no prisoners. 

Which cat playhouse or scratch toy was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

Author: Nate Morgan