10 Creepy Kids Drawings that Might Make You Reconsider Having Children

Just because kids are innocent doesn't mean they lack imagination, and in the words of Arthur Conan Doyle; "where there is no imagination there is no horror." Well, these little munchkins are very imaginative when it comes to doodling and scaring the almighty sh*t out of their parents and teachers. 

Enjoy these twisted artistic musings created by children (of the corn?).

1. Lucifer's Little Princess

She was probably just trying to write "I Love Santa," I think.... right?

2. Better off Dead

Let's hope that shovel was used for planting a commemorative flower or something. Yeah, that's it. Sarah likes flowers.

3. The Cat in the Hat Goes Splat

I can't say I blame this kid. The Cat in the Hat always annoyed me.

4. Letter to Daddy

I wonder if little Joey ever heard back?

5. A Wonderful Day for Murder

I'm hoping that the man bleeding to death in the street was a very, very bad person.

6. Drawing What We're All Thinking

Face it- this is totally genius. Unnecessarily violent? Perhaps. Justified? Absolutely.

7. Zombie Kid

I mean, what was Graham supposed to write? "Just lie around while my body slowly decomposes in the cold, dark earth"? If you ask me, his was the more uplifting option. 

8. Deathmas 

If I had to guess, I'd say Santa Claw comes on Deathmas to harvest children's souls... Cool.

9. Absent Mother

They dance to celebrate her life... let's hope.

10. Condemnation

God has a plan for me. Satan has a plan for Mr. Murphy

Author: Nate Morgan