This Artist Replaced Classic Disney Characters with the Internet's Favorite Grumpy Cat. The Results will Crack You Up!

Thank God for illustrator and designer Eric Proctor! Known online by his pseudonym TsaoShin, Eric's artistic genius has the internet loling over a series called "Grumpy Disney." Chances are you've met the purrlific Grumpy Cat (see above), but now you can see her frown her way into your favorite Disney flicks! Check out Eric's hilarious and inspired creations below.

1. Part of Your No

Grumpy Cat makes a splash as Ariel in the Little Purrmaid. "Look at this stuff, isn't it vaguely interesting at best?"

2. Circle of No

Grumpy Cat CANNOT feel the love tonight. 

3. He Mele No Lilo

The lovable blue alien has never been more hated.

4. A Whole New No

Because I'm lazy, I'll refer you to the revised, Grumpy Jasmine lyrics here.

5. When Will My No Begin

"You mean I have to live alone in a tower for the rest of my life?.... Sign me up!"

6. Bella No

Lady and the Grump. "Don't even think you're getting in on this spaghetti."

7. Let It No

The ultimate ice queen. As if the original Elsa wasn't grumpy enough! 

8. Tale As Old As No

Under an eternal curse? Good, Grumpy Cat will make sure it stays that way. 

9. When You Wish Upon A No

Loos like Gepetto wished upon the wrong star!

10. One Day My No Will Come 

Finally a plot point that Grumpy the Dwarf actually approves of.

11. Evil Has A Beginning...

Probably the most suitable role for Grumpy Cat! Except, unlike Ms. Jolie's portrayal, she'd be a total, unsympathetic biatch.

You can check out Eric's art tutorials here, or watch videos of his adorable kitty Grendel here.

Text by Nate Morgan