The 13 Strangest Surveillance Camera Images

1. That's One Place to Stash Your Cash

Lots of us have that nagging suspicion that someone is intently watching our ATM withdrawal, waiting to swipe our cash as soon as they get the chance. Well, this guy takes paranoia to a new level. "Nobody will want my money once it's been down there, right?" 

2. The Foolproof T-Shirt-Over-The-Head Disguise

Can't quite guess the thought process behind this one... Maybe he just wanted to show off his enviable midriff while stealing alcohol, with the hopes that he would be mistaken for a masculine nun. Totally understandable. 

3. Hell Hath Found Its Earthly Portal. It's Google Earth.

This is just one of many disturbing images that can be found on Google Earth. Where the heck are the rainbows and "just married" convertibles driving off into the sunset? Is this really the world we live in?!

4. The Truck

Let's hope she's just tanning back there...

5. Attack of The Pigeon People

This terrifying picture can be viewed in Google Street View somewhere in Japan, begging the all-too-common question; "WTF Japan!?"

6. The Exorcism of Red Box Rita

The demon inside her was really pissed that it couldn't watch The Conjuring for the 12th time. That nice lady leaving the store probably got the last copy.

7. Don't Go to the Back Room 

This is truly shocking and really, really terrible. What a complete disgrace! I mean, what horrible people would let this office be so messy? Someone needs to fire the custodian. It's a shame that these nice coworkers have to make love amongst all this clutter. 

8. Portable Post-Its

I hope one of those post-it notes is a reminder to remove all the other post-it notes before operating the vehicle.

9. Horsin' Around

You can lead a horse to water, but the horse will probably just leave you at the river and go to the nearest hotel for a cocktail.

10. Found Him! Can You?

This is a tricky one... He's in there somewhere- let us know when you find him.

11. A Lovely Day for a Street Snorkel  

"Wow, look at that school of Nissans! Uh oh... That Hummer seems to be feeding on a helpless shoal of Smart Cars!"

12. Forget Something?

"I can't shake the feeling that I left something at home... Dammit, I forgot my wallet!"

13. Rude

This is so misogynistic! That poor woman is being treated as if she's some kind of object!...... Oh, never mind.

Text by Nate Morgan