9 Horror Movies With True Origins. I Didn't Want To Believe That #5 Actually Happened

These movies become so much more scary when you find out that they're based on true stories! While some of these were only loosely based more loosely on actual happenings, all these movies claim some connection with a form of reality. 

1. The Blob

In NYC, cops kept coming across this strange gooey substance. The movie was based on an encounter with a real phenomenon! 


2. Open Water

This film was based on a real life shark attack on two American tourists. 

3. The Conjuring

Real-life paranormal investigators dealt with a case similar to this involving a family called the Parrons. 

4. The Girl Next Door

This is based on a true story of a girl who was tortured and killed by the woman her parents left her with while they were away. 

5. Psycho

Based on the real-life murders of killer Ed Gein. 

6. The Exorcist

The Washington Post published an article about a real exorcism that occurred in 1949. 

7. Child's Play

This movie is based on one unlucky family whose child was given the doll and strange things started happening. 

8. The Amyityville Horror

This movie is based on the book of real life events that happened to the Lutz family! 

9. Nightmare on Elmstreet

This is based on actual events and newspaper articles where refugees were reportedly dying in their sleep. 

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