Give Thanks and Scream: The Best Thanksgiving Horror Movies

Who says scary movie nights need to be put to bed after Halloween? Thanksgiving may be a time for families to come together and give thanks, but let's face it, there's something downright morbid about the holiday. Think about it: Thousands of stuffed, dead birds on dinner tables around the country, commemorating a moment in history during which hundreds of Pequot Indians actually died. So why not honor the roots of Thanksgiving with something macabre? Here are some spooky and gruesome Thanksgiving-themed flicks.

1. Thankskilling 

Thankskilling will surely go down in cheap, B horror movie history. With a marketing campaign that boasts "the ultimate low-budget experience" and "boobs in the first second," there aren't many reasons not to watch this horror/comedy extravaganza. It features a group of adolescent stereotypes that come home from college for Thanksgiving break, and thanks to a fowl-mouthed, homicidal turkey that resembles some kind of makeshift hand puppet, Thanksgiving break turns into a total blood bath. "Gobble gobble motherf%#@r!" 

2. Home Sweet Home


Probably one of the most terrible horror movies of all time, Home Sweet Home is about an escaped mental patient who stumbles upon a family happily celebrating Thanksgiving and generally minding their own business. He promptly decides it would be fun to kill all of them... And he does. While the film certainly makes an effort, it just isn't scary. At all. Also, no car in this movie works. Dead batteries, broken clutches, broken fuel gauges... Will the automotive horror never stop?!

3. Blood Freak


Blood Freak definitely falls under the "so bad it's funny" category. A drug-loving young man is exposed to genetically modified turkey meat and transforms into a mutant with a turkey head that looks like something out of a middle school science project. He proceeds to massacre other drug addicts and drink their blood in order to feed his own insatiable addiction. Okay, so it's not exactly a movie about Thanksgiving. But after watching it you will feel thankful for not knowing any mutant turkeys hellbent on getting high.

4. Eli Roth's Thanksgiving- Spoof Trailer (NSFW)

Though nothing more than a spoof trailer made for Grindhouse, this sick little number looks like a classic Eli Roth gore party that we could watch over and over again... That cheerleading scene though...

5. Feed

Fangoria said it first, Feed is just a sick, sick movie. Good luck to you if you make the brave decision to watch it. While it's not about Thanksgiving exactly, it is very much about overindulgence. A ‘feeder,’ is someone who enjoys feeding overweight women large quantities of fatty foods. Australian sex-crime investigator Richard is convinced that one of these feeders is actually capturing and feeding these poor, obese women to death. We sincerely hope you don't find out if Richard is right. 

Did we miss anything? Have you seen/do you plan on seeing any of these films? Let us know in the comment section below!

Author: Nate Morgan