The 10 Best Obscure Horror Movies

Sure, plenty of us love a blockbuster slasher or star-studded ghost flick, but every now and then a truly great horror film falls through the cracks and into obscurity. For your convenience, we've created a list of the top 10 scary movies that you probably haven't seen yet. Watch a few of these and you'll be on your way to becoming a true horror aficionado!

10. Pin


In this Canadian cult classic, the schizophrenic Leon develops an attachment to a life-size medical dummy once used by his father to teach the family's children about sex. As I'm sure you've already guessed, this is one bizarre flick. But it gets even weirder when the dummy is used as a sex toy and tells poor Leon to start killing people. Yikes!

9. At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul

Although not excessively bloody, 1963's At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul is considered to be one of the first gore movies ever made, as well as the debut of José Mojica Marins’ infamous character Coffin Joe. The film was a shocker in its day, primarily because Coffin Joe was an atheist living in a very Catholic part of Brazil. Now renowned for its artistic cinematography, this spooky film borrows techniques from German Expressionist cinema and remains a gem of the silver screen.

8. Don't Deliver Us From Evil


Although young Anne and Lore attend a convent high school for girls, they are secretly up to no good. They seduce strange men, rebel in church, and straight up worship the devil. It all seems to be a fun, scandalous romp until their summer vacation ends and the devil worshiping starts to get a bit more serious. This film is erotic and spooky all at once, and we promise it's worth the subtitles (it's in French.) 

7. May

Angela Bettis stars in this quirky, dark comedy/psychological horror tale about a lonely outcast and her attempts to find love and real human connection. May tells a strangely beautiful yet incredibly disturbing story that is one of a kind... Sort of like the "friend" that May tries to create out of various different body parts. Gross.

6. Cemetery Man

The stylish, darkly funny horror film Cemetery Man stars Rupert Everett as cemetery groundskeeper Francesco Dellamorte. When the dead begin to rise from their graves, Francesco and his partner Gnaghi do anything they can to maintain order in the graveyard and keep the icky zombies a secret. You'll find yourself falling in love with Mr. Everett as he fights to stay alive (and stay employed!)

5. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

This Italian zombie feature directed by Jorge Grau stars Ray Lovelock and Cristina Galbó as a young couple who come face to face with the zombie apocalypse. When they try to get the help of the authorities, nobody believes their story and they must confront the zombie outbreak themselves. Released in 1974, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, seems to pay homage to the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead, with similarities in style and undertones of social commentary.

4. Tony

Gerard Johnson’s Tony is a studied, haunting look into the world of a repressed, psychopathic man caught between the ennui of mundane, everyday life and the urban grit of London's seedy underbelly. A darkly funny nightmare, Tony is sure to creep under your skin.

3. Inside

Warning: This one is not for the faint of heart! A brutal example of extreme French horror, Inside relays the experiences of a young pregnant woman who, while spending Christmas alone after the death of her husband, is attacked by a CRAZY lady who will do whatever it takes to steal her unborn child. Intense, disturbing and shocking, this movie will keep your blood pumping and your heart racing from beginning to end.

2. Martin

In this understated, 1976 vampire flick, a mysterious man walks the streets of Pittsburgh looking for prey. Although Martin is more of a character study than a true blue horror film, director and horror aficionado George A. Romero succeeds in disturbing the hell out of viewers with this classic yet unique treasure.

1. The Call of Cthulu

This very classy, stylish portrayal of one of H.P. Lovecraft's most beloved tales takes the prize! Doing a silent film in the era of modern cinema is a tricky choice to make, but The Call of Cthulu stays true to the sinister atmosphere of Lovercraft's work while adding a kitschy, light-hearted touch. H.P. Lovecraft fans will definitely not be disappointed!

Which of these obscure horror films do you most want to watch? Let us know in the comment section below!

Author: Nate Morgan