Upcoming Sundance Winner "The Witch" May be the Most Unsettling Horror Film of 2016

Just four days into 2016 and the buzz surrounding first time writer/director Robert Eggers' film The Witch is well underway. Winning Eggers the "Best Director" prize at the Sundance Film Festival, horror buffs everywhere are anticipating this "New England Folktale," esp. after the release of the extremely unnerving trailer, which you can view below. 

Justin Chang, chief film critic of Variety, had a lot of praise for the picture, which has been in screenings and festivals for about a year.

"A fiercely committed ensemble and an exquisite sense of historical detail conspire to cast a highly atmospheric spell in “The Witch,” a strikingly achieved tale of a mid-17th-century New England family’s steady descent into religious hysteria and madness. Laying an imaginative foundation for the 1692 Salem witchcraft trials that would follow decades later, writer-director Robert Eggers’ impressive debut feature walks a tricky line between disquieting ambiguity and full-bore supernatural horror, but leaves no doubt about the dangerously oppressive hold that Christianity exerted on some dark corners of the Puritan psyche. With its formal, stylized diction and austere approach to genre, this accomplished feat of low-budget period filmmaking will have to work considerable marketing magic to translate appreciative reviews into specialty box-office success, but clearly marks Eggers as a storyteller of unusual rigor and ambition."   -Justin Chang, Variety

And Justin isn't the only one who was impressed by the film. Apparently, audiences at Sundance were also blown away!

It's about time we have a critically-acclaimed horror masterpiece in theaters, one that takes the art of suspense seriously while relying on artistry instead of time-worn gimmicks.

We can't wait to see The Witch! What about you? Let us know in the comment section below.

Author: Nate Morgan