Upcoming Film "Sausage Party" Offers an Unflinching Look into the Horrors of Being Edible

As you may have guessed from the title and the strangely suggestive promo picture, the upcoming Sony Pictures film Sausage Party is not your everyday, family-friendly CGI flick. In fact, it is not AT ALL family-friendly! The trailer (posted below) starts off like any other DreamWorks or Pixar-type movie, featuring an adorable cast of inanimate objects, surely here to teach us a lesson about life or society until BAM- everything gets gruesome, crude, and downright hilarious.

Watch as one brave sausage, Frank (voiced by Seth Rogan), and his fellow food products finally discover the truth about why they exist, and what happens when they are taken out of the supermarket and into a human kitchen. Be warned- there's plenty of foul language and food violence! Definitely NSFW (depending on your line of work).

We're sure plenty of people will be totally shocked by the irreverent humor of Sausage Party, but we think the whole idea is borderline genius. And with that all-star cast, this would be seriously hard to screw up. Let's take another look:

Seth Rogen
Kristen Wiig
Jonah Hill
Bill Hader
Michael Cera
James Franco
Danny McBride
Craig Robinson
Paul Rudd
Nick Kroll
David Krumholtz
Edward Norton
Salma Hayek

Who ISN'T in this movie??

Seth Rogan is also credited as a co-writer, which makes total sense when you realize that the entire creative conception seems like something a stoner would dream up while enduring a particularly bad case of the munchies.

We can't wait to head to the theater on August 12th for the film's release. This one looks like it will appeal to fans of both horror and comedy. Check out this cheeky promo:

What do you think? Is this something you'd be interested in seeing? If so, just remember- DON'T bring the kids!!!

Author: Nate Morgan