Watch the First Full Episode of "Outcast", A Terrifying New Horror Series from the Creators of "Walking Dead"

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the new series Outcast, especially because it boasts the involvement of Robert Kirkman, the brains behind the hit AMC show The Walking Dead.

Outcast stars Patrick Fugit (Gone Girl) as central character Kyle Barnes, a man who has been possessed by demons since childhood. His search for answers and redemption leads him to one Reverend Anderson, a West Virginia evangelist who believes he is fighting a holy war against Earth's evil forces. As Barnes sequesters himself from those he loves for fear of causing them harm, he begins to delve into secrets from his past. What he discovers could be life-changing and affect the fate of the world forever.

Take a peak at the teaser trailer, and if it whets your appetite, you can go ahead and watch the first episode for free! (Below).  

The show airs every Friday on Cinemax. 

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“Oh, there are queasy moments, and a certain “exorcism of the week” element at play within the first few episodes, although these are not handled in a rote fashion. Rather, as Barnes and Anderson touch the darkness coursing through Rome, viewers may end up contemplating the insidious nature of ordinary evil — and the frightening fact that no amount of prayer can banish it.” - Variety, Melanie McFarland

‘Outcast’ isn’t telling a new story so much as telling an ancient one in a new way. It’s not your typical summer show, but it’s one you really shouldn’t miss.” - Roger Ebert, Brian Tallerico

Spoiler Alert!!!

The pilot for Outcast hits on certain blunt, visceral levels. Once you have a small child munching on his fingers and licking bug guts off the walls, which happens in the opening minutes, and a grown man having flashbacks to his terrifying youth every time he stares off into space, you know you're hiking familiar but disturbing terrain. – Hollywood Reporter

Author: Stephanie King