A Clown + A Poltergeist = 'Clowntergeist'? Watch the Terrifying Trailer for this Unique New Horror Film

What do you get when you combine an evil clown with a demonic poltergeist? We're so glad you asked!

Aaron Mirtes' film Clowntergeist is being advertised as Stephen King's It meets Poltergeist, and our interests could not be more piqued. One thing is certain- if you have a crippling fear of clowns, maybe miss this one out.

Here's what to expect: Protagonist and college student Emma must face her paralyzing fear of clowns when a demon-possessed clown goes on a ruthless killing rampage in her town. The killer's MO is, as to be expected, quite festive. Sinister balloons are delivered to each prospective victim with the date and time of their grisly demise. But what will Emma do when she receives a balloon with her death date, allowing her only 2 more days to live?? 

High Octane Pictures hasn't divulged a release date for Clowntergeist , but they have released this terrifying trailer for the upcoming horror film, which you can watch below:

Does this look like something you would watch? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Author: Nate Morgan