This Animated Short Film Depicts The Dark Side Of Our Modern Society, and It's Absolutely Bone-Chilling.


No doubt our modern age has brought us unprecedented privilege, advancement, freedom, and knowledge. But that's not all it's brought. "IN-SHADOW - A Modern Odyssey" is an animated short film that explores the dark underbelly of our modern Western society. From the insatiable greed of politicians, big pharma and other elites, to the commodification of war, celebrity and prisons, IN-SHADOW sheds a brutally honest and extraordinarily creative light on the various sinister aspects of society.

The short presents and critiques a large range of current cultural phenomena, while encouraging the viewer to interpret the various tableaus through the lens of our own understanding. 

Thankfully, the beautiful artistry takes a more spiritually enlightened turn towards the end, giving us hope that, for all of humanity's ills, there is a higher purpose to everything we are experiencing here on this Earth. In the words of the creators, we are taken "from shadow into light."

Check out the video below, and scroll down for more info on this amazing film. 

The film has been written, directed and produced by Lubomir Arsov. For more info, check out their website:

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