New Korean Zombie Action Thriller “Train to Busan” Opens Tonight in USA!

There is huge buzz surrounding Train of Busan, the new big-budget Horror/Action/Thriller from Korea that has already managed to become a crowd pleaser.

The film received a standing ovation in Cannes back in May, and, after its release in Korea on Wednesday, broke box office records on opening day.  

Want to see it? Well, good news! Train to Busan opens in cinemas across America TODAY. 

The movie tells the story of a father and daughter traveling on the fast train from Seoul to Busan. Right at the moment of their departure, we get a glimpse of the train station being overrun by zombies. They kill the train driver and manage to slip on the train.

As the train chugs on sans-conductor to Busan, the passengers fight for their lives against these terrifying, blood-thirsty creatures.

If you're crazy about zombies and enjoy plenty of suspense and special effects, you will certainly love this new, action-packed thriller.

Will you go see it?  Let us know what you think!

Author: Kanta Barrios