The Trailer for the Upcoming Film "Geostorm" is Making Waves... And Tornados, And Hurricanes

What was the last really enjoyable disaster movie you saw? If tornados tickle your fancy, maybe it was Twister. If a torrential seascape really gets you going, then it was probably The Perfect Storm. Or, maybe you are totally fascinated by the prospect of another ice age thrusting all of humanity into a bitter, frozen tundra, in which case Day After Tomorrow was definitely your jam.  

Well, good news. The upcoming sci-fi/disaster flick Geostorm has ALL of these things! What's the story? To stave off the threats of global warming, humans have deployed a network of satellites into orbit that help regulate Earth's weather patterns using geoengineering technology. Cool, right? Not so much. After just two years, the system starts to malfunction and everything on our little planet goes down the toilet, to put it lightly. The film stars Gerard Butler (as one of the men tasked with fixing the colossal man-made mess), Abbie Cornish, Jim Sturgess, Eugenio Derbez, and Ed Harris. 

Needless to say, disaster films are hit or miss. Geostorm seems to be at least a bit more promising, as it has a pretty unique yet plausible thematic concept driving the story. We hope it's a good one!

Take a peak at the trailer below!

The film hits theaters this year on October 20th. Will you buy buying tickets to see it? Let us know in the comment section below!