14 Vintage Photographs of Circus Performers that will Frighten and Fascinate You

The amazing world of circus performing hasn't always been what it is today. The side show aspect, involving so called "freaks" being put on display, used to be a major draw for crowds. The shock factor of deformities and birth defects gave people something to look at, and certainly something to talk about. It was a sinister world at times, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Some people photographed below actually helped inspire some of the characters on last season's American Horror Story entitled Freak Show. Take a look!

1. Pip an Flip: The Twins from Yucatan

2. The Human Pincushion

3. Alice E. Doherty, AKA The Minnesota Wolly Baby

4. Woman with Giant Feet and Another with No Arms

5. Isaac W. Sprague, AKA The Living Skeleton

6. Koo Koo the Bird Girl

7. Legless Performer and His Family

8. Young Performer with Ectrodactyly

9. Four-Legged Girl

10. John Jennings, AKA The Modern Samson

11. Bearded Woman Annie Jones

12. Lucia Zarate

She weighed only 4 pounds at age 18!

13. Ella Harper, AKA Camel Girl

14. Amazing Two Headed Man

Author: Nate Morgan