Could these Ghost Hunting Apps Bring Paranormal Research to the Masses?

Magnetic Field-Detecting Apps Claim to Successfully Pinpoint Ghostly Presences

Guess what? It looks like you don't have to worry about missing the next episode of Ghost Hunters. Thanks to these handy apps, you can become your very own ghost hunter!

According to Para-Boston, or The New England Center for the Advancement of Paranormal Science, there’s only a 10% chance that the "ghosts" we  witness are truly unexplainable by science. Emotional distress and mundane occurrences are said to account for most perceived paranormal phenomena. But what about that 10%? Well, now you can take otherworldly research into your own hands with these three smartphone apps.

1. Ghost Hunter M2

With this app, you can track ghostly disturbances in a number of ways. With M2's electronic voice phenomena instrument, detected words are presented both in audio format and on the screen, based on something called an "advanced phonetic selection algorithm". Just like in the movies, you can ask questions to the spirit, record and playback any response you might get. An EMF (or electromagnetic field detector) checks for field fluctuations while the geoscope and spatial displacement tools tell you when there’s a shift in the physical environment, e.g. a door slamming, window opening, or someone entering a room.

- Price $.99

2. Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar is one of the more simple spirit-hunting apps. When a higher level of energy is detected, a red dot appears on the green target display. Strange, seemingly random words pop up on the screen as you search. Is it just a random word generator, or are they they trying to tell you something? I guess only the app's developers know! One plus to Ghost Radar is that you can share your readings with your friends by sending them via email!

- Price $.99

3. iEMF

iEMF's built in magnetometer (only on the iPhone 3GS/4) detects magnetic field readings very similar to those of expensive devices. In one instance, a user reported that the app gave out almost the same readings as a $300 EMF device. That's high tech stuff! It’s a simple app, but if you're looking for areas of increased electromagnetic energy, this is the tool for you.

- Price $.99

Author: Nate Morgan