Take A Break from All the Political Coverage to Watch this Ridiculous Video

Recently, a video called You on Kazoo surfaced on YouTube and has been disturbing the sh*t out of everyone. Well, except for those of us that think it's hilarious... (guilty). Although nothing more than a dated kid's video about playing the kazoo, it has inspired so much more in the creative/demented minds of internet users, and we couldn't be more gleeful about it. 

You may remember the media/music making genius Mike Diva from his nightmarish horror short called Thresher. It seems that his fountain of inspiration continues to flow, as he is the awesome person responsible for the remix video you are about to behold.

We've watched it about 12 times, and it always hits the spot. Not only did Mike Diva create this remix video, but he also composed the trap EDM in conjunction with Sick System. Check out the extended mix here

Author: Nate Morgan