The Top 13 Movie Witches

Double, Double Toil and Trouble!

It’s time to celebrate the feisty, fabulous, and spellbinding females of the witching world. We hope you enjoy our official list of Hollywood’s top 13 witches, and don’t forget to let us know which witch is your favorite!    

13. Sally and Gillian Owens- Practical Magic

Sally and Gillian Owens may be two sexy sisters blessed with supernatural powers, but they are 100% unlucky in love. Well, actually, they are cursed. As the unfortunate affliction dictates, any man with whom either sister falls in love is doomed to suffer an untimely death. Bummer! It's up to the quiet Sally (Sandra Bullock) and the fiery Gillian (Nicole Kidman) to fight this curse with everything they've got, and to protect their family from the malevolent forces that threaten their very existence. This is one romantic comedy with a very spooky twist! 

11. Professor Minerva McGonagall, The Harry Potter Series


Aside from the unstoppable talent of actress Maggie Smith, this is one professor that absolutely deserves tenure. With a respectable rating on, Mrs. McGonagall dazzles her transfiguration students with a classy mix of sass, toughness, and morality. Second in command to Dumbledore, she has emerged from many magical duels without a scratch, and has helped protect the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Voldemort himself. Even J.K. Rowling attests to her power, admitting that she would definitely have beaten the slimy Professor Snape had their duel continued.

11. Mary Poppins

Although more of a "magical nanny" than a witch per se, we couldn't leave this lovely lady off our list. She's a beacon of good vibes, she's easy on the eyes, and she has a singing voice as clear as a bell. Every girl wishes they had her bottomless purse, and even more of us covet her magical flying umbrella. With the ability to jump into paintings and bring cheer to even the dreariest of days, we think Mary is just super...(califragilisticexpialidocious!)

10. Kiki- Kiki’s Delivery Service

From big time anime master Hayao Miyazaki, director of Spirited Away and Princess MononokeKiki’s Delivery Service flies in at number 10 on our list. Even though she rides a broomstick and has a talking black cat, Kiki is not your typical magic maven. Only 13, Kiki has big dreams and an even bigger heart. During a 1-year apprenticeship abroad (mandatory for all witches,) Kiki shows her entrepreneurial stuff and starts an air delivery service, via broom of course. If you’re looking for wholesome family fun, look no further. As far as good witches go, Kiki is as adorable as they come!

9. The Wicked Witch of the West- The Wizard of Oz

“I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!”

No vindictive vixen has done more to define the witch archetype than the Wicked Witch of the WestHer green skin, pointy black hat and blood curdling cackle may be relics of the past, but the OG wicked witch deserves some serious cred. Not only does she have a vast army of flying monkeys and singing Winkies, she can also throw balls of fire at her victims and summon sleep-inducing poppies. Now that’s power!

8. Sukie, Jane, and Alexandra- The Witches of Eastwick

It’s hard to go wrong with an all-star cast of witches portrayed by Cher, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer and the hilarious Jack Nicholson as the devil. Based on John Updike’s novel of the same name, this witty tale takes place in the simple, sleepy town of Eastwick, where Sukie, Jane, and Alexandra discover their magical abilities and form a coven. After they are each seduced by the devil, the three witches join forces in exacting their revenge and reclaiming their freedom- voodoo style. Not only do these lovely ladies serve up lots of laughs as they kick satanic butt, but they also serve as icons of feminine independence and empowerment. You go girls!

7. Lamia- Stardust

With a guise of timeless beauty to hide her decrepit form, Lamia will do just about anything to get what’s she wants. Using powers like telekinesis, transfiguration, and divination, Lamia and her sisters desperately hunt down a fallen star, played by Claire Danes. If they succeed in eating the star’s heart, they will recapture their youth and beauty. With an enviable wit and shrewd powers of manipulation, Lamia is one evil witch you don’t want to mess with!

6. The White Witch- Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


It doesn’t get icier than the White Witch. As self-proclaimed Queen of Narnia and cause of the land’s hundred-year-long winter, the White Witch reigns with an iron fist, turns her enemies into statues, and ruthlessly hunts all remnants of warmth and goodness in Narnia. Who’s on her hit list? None other than Father Christmas himself and Aslan the lion, who serves as a thinly veiled allegory for Jesus Christ. That’s right, this lady is so evil she even kills God. Tilda Swinton’s spot-on performance as the Queen made it easy to hate this ice-cold witch.

5. Nancy Downs- The Craft

Ring in the 90’s nostalgia! It’s Nancy’s gothic sass and ruthless search for power that wins her a spot on our list. Although she starts out as just a troubled, rebellious teenager at St. Bernard’s Academy, Nancy’s descent into evil begins when she finds a fourth member of her coven and accesses the immense powers of black magic. Nancy is the quintessential high school witch, and as long as she roams the halls, no one is safe. Not even her fellow witches.

4. Ravenna- Snow White and the Huntsman

When Ravenna’s not taking milk baths or seeking validation from her magic mirror, this jealous sorceress does whatever it takes to get her hands on Snow White in order to maintain her eternal youth and power. Charlieze Theron knocks this one out of the park, with an emotionally nuanced and truly terrifying portrayal of this powerful queen.

3. The Sanderson Sisters- Hocus Pocus

If you’re looking for classic camp and family fun, the supernatural Sanderson sisters are the witches for you. With Bette Midler as the cunning Winifred, Kathy Najimy as the hilarious Mary, and Sarah Jessica Parker as the mesmerizing Sarah, these three sisters bumble through a magical romp to recapture their youth from little children. Full of hysterical antics and flamboyant musical numbers, this beloved Disney flick is not one to miss!

2. The Grand High Witch- The Witches

As the most influential witch on Earth, the Grand High Witch uses her power to turn children into mice and fry anyone who defies her with her purple eye beams of fury. And don’t be fooled by her glamorous exterior, she’s one hideous hag underneath! She’s fierce, she’s wicked, and she’s darn good at her job, so hide yo kids… cuz we promise you she can smell them. Rotten tomatoes gave The Witches a rare rating of 100% freshness, so you can rest assured that this is one delicious witch movie!

1. Maleficent- Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

Disney’s darkest and most loved villain tops off our list at first place. The original Maleficent is the embodiment of evil, with powers that stem directly from hell itself. Though she is technically a "dark fairy," Maleficent commands an army of monsters and can turn herself into a ferocious, fire-breathing dragon at will… What more could you want in a villainess?

So, what do you think of our list? Did we miss anyone? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Author: Nate Morgan