Netflix Has Announced Season 2 of "The OA". Watch the Teaser Here!

It's happening! The sci-fi/mystery/thriller/philosophical mind-bender that is The OA is coming back to Netflix for a second season! Brit Marling, who plays the lead character Prairie, and Zal Batmanglij co-created the show together before it premiered in December of 2016. The OA has since become a highly trending show and has been met with praise from both audiences and critics. 

Though a premiere date has yet to be announced, a cryptic teaser for Part 2 was recently released on YouTube. The mysterious visuals will surely leave you wondering "Where's Homer??" Watch below:

If that little tidbit isn't enough to get you excited, watch the Facebook Q&A with Brit Marling below.

Marling elaborates on Part II saying, “We always thought of it almost like books, and there could be many different volumes.” As fans of the show, we're certainly glad that's the case! 

Will you be watching Part 2 when it premiers on Netflix? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting!

Author: Nate Morgan