The 10 Scariest Documentaries on Netflix!

If you're looking for the kind of scary movie that really keeps you up at night, you'll probably want to check out a few of the following documentaries. "But documentaries are boring, lame, and totally not scary!" you may be thinking. Au contraire! The realization of "OMG THIS SH*T REALLY WENT DOWN" is 100 times scarier than some CGI ghost terrorizing fictional people who make poor decisions.

For your convenience, we've compiled a list of the top 10 creepiest, gruesomest, and- in some cases- down right disturbing documentaries currently available to watch on Netflix. Enjoy!

1. Grizzly Man

No, this is not your run-of-the mill nature documentary. With an impressive Rotten Tomatoes rating of %92, Grizzly Man explores the life of a man named Timothy Treadwell who had a deep fascination (most would say obsession) with bears. Without giving too much away, it's definitely not a warm and fuzzy tale. No happy endings here. 

2. Killer Legends

Are all urban legends the stuff of myth? That's a major question posed in this chilling documentary that explores four urban myths and the real events that may have inspired them. A good watch for both folklore enthusiasts and real-life crime buffs.

3. Hostage To The Devil

This documentary explores the life of a priest named Father Malachi Martin, who performed actual exorcisms. Get ready for some very unnerving first-hand interviews and creepy dramatic reenactments- a perfect doc for those fascinated by ancient evils and demonic possession!

4. Glory Daze

Not to be confused with the 1996 Ben Affleck comedy with the same name, Glory Daze follows the life and times of Michael Alig, one of the main progenitors of the NY Club Kids of the 80s. You've probably heard lots of wild stories about the Club Kid era, but this doc covers the horribly dark events that transpired when Alig commits a heinous crime.

5. The Confessions of Thomas Quick

A Swedish man named Sture Ragnar Bergwall, also known as Thomas Quick, confessed to almost 40 kidnappings, rapes, and murders. However, in 2001, he withdrew the confessions and denied all responsibility. The truth, as revealed in the documentary, is way more disturbing than we expected. 

6. The Imposter

The Imposter explores the mysterious and frightening true story of a boy who went missing and returns years later looking and behaving... well... off. Relayed with gripping narrative flair, this one gets a whopping %95 from Rotten Tomatoes. 

7. H.H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer

Perhaps the most diabolical serial killer in America's history, H.H. Holmes built an elaborate kill house in 1880s Chicago, complete with gas chambers, vats of acid, and so much more. This chilling documentary reveals the immense efforts Holmes went through to kill huge amounts of people, showing just how demented the human psyche can be.

8. Cropsey

Cropsey is hands-down one of the best scary documentaries ever made. It shows what happens when a terrifying urban myth becomes a reality. Do yourself a favor and watch it. RT gives it an impressive %90.

9. Interview With A Serial Killer

You probably guessed it from the title: this documentary is a fascinating yet spine-tingling jailhouse interview with serial killer Arthur Shawcross, also known as the Genesee River Killer. Good luck sleeping after this one!

10. Josef Fritzl: Story Of A Monster

Perhaps the most disturbed criminal exposed in any of these documentaries is Josef Fritzl. Get ready for this one, it's ROUGH. Fritzl kept his own daughter locked in a basement for a full 24 years, tortured her and raped her repeatedly. She bore him seven children.

Which of these documentaries do you want to watch, and which ones have you already seen? Let us know in the comment section below.

Author: Nate Morgan