These 12 Sickeningly Gory Halloween Costumes Are Way Too Twisted for Trick or Treating



Halloween is obviously a time for scary costumes, but THESE gory costumes would definitely make a small child wet their pants if they ran into one of these ghouls face to face in a dark alley. Check these out and let us know which one YOU are the most afraid of! 

1. Open Wide

Artist unknown. 

Artist unknown. 

This looks like the result of some terrifying torture device! 

2. Pencil Pusher

Image by:   vivilessthanthree

Seems like this girl just got tired of doing homework and decided to finish it off the easiest way. Ouch! 

3. Scare Ribs

Image by:     Michela Nayarra

Image by: Michela Nayarra

Beautiful… inside and out. 

4. Chick Flick

Image by:     Freakmo SFX

Image by: Freakmo SFX

Looks like a bad ex-girlfriend mixed with a strange sea creature. 

5. Nailed It

This is a manicure from Satan himself. 

6. Skull Candy

Image by:     Ellimacs SFX

Image by: Ellimacs SFX

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "open mind." 

7. EyeBallin

Image by:   Raffles Bizarre

Image by: Raffles Bizarre

You'll shoot your eye out, kid. 

8. Trachea Fear

Image by:   Freakmo SFX

Image by: Freakmo SFX

Looks like someone mixed up their orange juice with their flesh eating bacteria. 

9. Nope, Nope, Nope

Image by:     Keira Von Seirbigh

I don't even know what's going on here but it's absolutely terrifying. 

10. Let's Get Legless! 

Image by:   Imgur

Image by: Imgur

There goes my breakfast. 

11. Unborn Burrito 

Image by:   The Lope

Image by: The Lope

Nine months in the making.