Must See! The Cutest Spiders Around [Video]

Meet the spiders that will have you saying 'AW' not 'AH'

To move away from the notion that spiders are plain old creepy, I Love Halloween has a video of the Cuban Spider that will melt your heart! If this doesn't get you into the cutesy mood, perhaps the photos below will do the job. Enjoy!

Next we have the Jumping Spider! 

The Jumping Spider's scientific name is Salticidae and there are around 4,000 species all around the world, with 300 species documented in North America.

This is the spider as a baby. Yes, this cuteness is real!

Even as an adult this guy still got that cuteness factor going!

OMG family photo! 

Last but not least, take a look at the adorable and beautiful Peacock Jumping Spider!

Peacock spiders (genus Maratus) can reach up to 0.3 inches, which is around the size of a pencil eraser. 

Photo:  Jurgen Otto

All jumping spiders do not build webs. Rather, they stalk their prey and pounce at the right moment. These jumping spiders can take down prey three or four times their size. 

Photo:  Jurgen Otto

These spiders also have super cute babies!

Admit it, all of the spiders shown here are way too cute to be creepy!

Author: Gal Shyli Dayan