Mexican Mannequin May Be Preserved Cadaver

The Mystery of The Bride

In Chihuahua, Mexico there is a bridal shop called La Casa De Pascualita, named after its original owner, Pascuala Esparza.


Pascuala's Daughter

Pascuala's daughter died a tragic death when a black widow spider bit her on her wedding day. When a suspiciously lifelike mannequin appeared in the shop's window, rumors started around town. Was this mannequin actually the preserved corpse of Pascuala's daughter? To this day nobody really knows. 

Presumed photo image of the bride before she died. 

Presumed photo image of the bride before she died. 

Although Pascuala denied that La Pascualita was her daughter, rumors had already taken hold and many locals were convinced. Few were skeptical, thinking the mannequin to be a wax statue of some kind.  

the hand.png

Look at the details!  Experts say this kind of work is beyond the skill of a typical craftsman. 

Legend has it that Pascualita will shift her position in the window late at night. Some say that her eyes follow customers around the store.

Some locals are scared of the 'mannequin'. Other locals worship La Pascualita as a saint, leaving her gifts and praying to her as they pass the store.

What do you think? Is La Pascuelita a wax dummy or a preserved corpse? Let us know in the comment section below.

Author: Nate Morgan