8 Bizarre Photos that Defy Explanation

The events captured in these photographs took place decades ago, yet they remain a mystery to this day. While there are those who believe that there are logical explanations behind these images, others maintain that there are simply no rational justifications for the bizarre photos you are about to see. What do you think? 

1. Solway Firth Astronaut

British firefighter Jim Tempelton took this picture of his daughter in 1964. He was shocked to find that the developed photograph showed what seemed to be the figure of an astronaut. Until his death in 2011, Templeton made adamant claims that there was nobody near the little girl when he took the picture. 

"I took three pictures of my daughter Elizabeth in a similar pose – and was shocked when the middle picture came back from Kodak displaying what looks like a spaceman in the background." 

Needless to say the spaceman was met with much speculation. However, after running test and analyzing the photograph, Kodak insisted that the image was not tampered with in any way.





2. Hessdalen Lights

Since the 1940's or earlier, bizarre lights have been spotted over the Hessdalen Valley in Norway. Although people have tried, nobody can offer an explanation for the appearance of these mysterious lights. They shone most frequently between 1981 and 1984, when it was possible to see them between 15 to 20 times per week. During this times, tourists and UFO enthusiasts flocked to the Valley to witness this beautifully eerie, unexplained phenomenon. 

3. The Phoenix Lights

Thousand of people witnessed these lights over the skies of Arizona, Nevada, and Sonora Mexico in 1997. The lights were seen to traverse the sky in a triangular formation, and remain in a stationary line at other times. No one was able to identify these mysterious flying objects.



4. Pyramid on the Moon

Apollo 17 took this picture of what was thought to be "Geophone Rock" during it's last stint on the moon. Though the photo was officially catalogued as being blank, altering the saturation and contrast of the image revealed the outline of a perfect pyramid. The image is crude and noisy, making it difficult to see any details of the structure. Due to the lack of clarity, some have considered the pyramid to be a simple imperfection on overexposed film.

Others are more skeptical...  





5. The Hook Island Sea Monster

This image has been the source of much debate and conjecture in cryptozoological literature, as it appears to show a completely unknown species of marine life. Robert Le Serrec was with his family on a boat near Hook Island, Queensland, when he spotted this giant, tad-pole like creature. He guessed it to be about 80 feet long, and described its smooth, brown and black skin with detail. Noticing the eyes on top of the serpent's head, he wondered if it was even alive. Just as he was thinking this, the bizarre entity opened its toothless mouth and swam away. Those who have tried to prove the photo to be a hoax have been unsuccessful, so all we can do is guess as to the creature's identity and origins.

6. Babushka Lady


"Babushka Lady" is a rather uncreative nickname for a female figure seen in many of the photos of former president John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963. In film recordings of the event she can be seen holding a camera, suggesting that she was documenting the assassination herself. Even after extensive FBI investigations, the woman was not identified and nobody came forward with information.

Film taken from Babushka Lady's vantage point was never recovered.



7. Martian Spherules


In 2004, Nasa detected and photographed strange, spherical formations in martian soil. In 2012 an even more unusual photo was taken, showing much larger spherules in much greater amounts. Although scientists are still unsure of what exactly these blueberry-shaped objects are, some suppose them to be made of hematite, which would signify the past presence of water on the planet.

8. The Black Knight Satellite

The “Black Knight,” an elusive, dark object in orbit around our Earth, is thought to date back up to 13,000 years ago. Although nobody knows its true origin or purpose, many consider it to be evidence of ancient alien visitation to Earth. Some say it has been beaming signals to Earth and has already been inspected by Nasa. If this information has been acquired, it's certainly well guarded from the general public. 

Author: Nate Morgan