Do you believe in ghosts? Check out this awesome doc of real-life ghost stories. (Video)

Released in 1996 as a special home video edition of the TV series, "The Ghost Report" features real ghost stories, told by the individuals who experienced them. Segments include investigations into infamous haunted locations, such as: Long Leaf Castle, Manressa Castle, Stirling Castle and Alcatraz.

Sightings was an American paranormal and news television series that originally aired in the 1990s. The program began as a special titled The UFO Report: Sightings on October 18, 1991, as well as eventual follow up reports, Ghost Report and the Psychic Experience. The original Concept Creator and Supervising Producer of that hour special produced by Paramount for Fox TV was Linda Moulton Howe, an Emmy Award-winning TV producer and documentary filmmaker of TV specials about science and the environment. One of her Emmy award-winning broadcasts was A Strange Harvest (KMGH-TV in May 1980), about the worldwide animal-mutilation mystery linked by law enforcement to extraterrestrial biological entities.

What do you think?  Do you believe in ghosts?