Real Life Goblin Caught on Tape! (Video)

A goblin is a legendary evil or mischievous grotesque dwarf-like daemon or monster that appeared in European stories and accounts during the Middle Ages.
They are attributed with various (sometimes conflicting) abilities, temperaments and appearances depending on the story and country of origin. In some cases, goblins are little creatures related to the brownie and gnome. They are usually small, sometimes only a few inches tall, sometimes the size of a dwarf, and have magical abilities; they are greedy, especially for gold and jewelry.

The word gnome originates from the works of 16th century alchemist and occultist Paracelsus, who believed that each of the four classical elements (fire, wind, water, and earth) were each governed by a particular type of spirit. The gnome in particular was said to be the spirit of the earth, but has since been adopted into European folklore.

The video below captures a little creature startling a child.

What do you think?  Do you believe in the supernatural?