The Eerie and Beautiful Dark Art of Thomas G. Anderson Will Haunt Your Dreams

If, like us, you are a lover of all things spooky, the artistic creations of Thomas G. Anderson will surely quench your macabre appetite. Through masterful photography and photo manipulation, Anderson is able to evoke a nightmarish atmosphere that feels heavily symbolic and hauntingly nostalgic, implicitly relaying stories of dread, loss, and death through each strange landscape and twisted portrait.    


In an exclusive interview with, Anderson explained the process and inspiration behind many of his photographs. Though it's recommended that we form our own ideas about each image, much of the work deals with the juxtaposition of youth and adulthood, life and death, and past and present.


Anderson also revealed to iHorror that his own son and fiancée often pose as models for many of the photos. Who would expect such sinister visions to result from a loving family's collaboration? Thankfully, Thomas has the full support of his loved ones.  


When he's not exploring the dark corners of his imagination, Thomas uses his lens to capture life's light and joy. Check out his lovely, non-horror clientele portfolio here.

Excitingly, Thomas told us that he is currently making moves to bring his expertise to the horror industry as a filmmaker. Check out the freaky promotional footage for his project entitled Formidable.


As in love with the photos as we are? Good news! You can get your own prints of Anderson's work here.


When asked about his personal philosophy, Anderson had an eloquently encompassing response:

“‘Seeing is Believing’ is my motto.  My art is made to stimulate the emotions of the masses. Accept the unknown and become open to all the forms of energy that surrounds us. Our time here is limited. Focus on yourself!”

Make sure to visit the artist's various pages to see artwork not included in this article!

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Author: Nate Morgan