10 Epic Photographs of Natural Dragons in the Sky

It's a bird, its a plane, it's a... giant cloud that looks exactly like a dragon??? The last thing we expect to see while gazing up at the big blue sky is a winged, mythical creature, but Mother Nature never ceases to surprise and amaze. 

Take a peak at these 10 incredible displays of fiery dragon realness, brought to you by our fluffy cloud friends. Whether you're a total dragon fan like us or just think of them as big scary lizards, you're in for a visual feast.

1. Whispy Wonder  

I mean, the whole head is there. This is surely a sign from the almighty Dragon God that us mortals are doing well with our masterful TV interpretation of Game of Thrones.

2. Winged Traveler

If that cloud doesn't look just like a dragon in flight then I don't know what does... Definitely not this.

3. Peaceful Guardian

Christina Yen

Christina Yen

If Gandalf ever had a friendly dragon friend, this would be it.

4. Impending Doom

This one is pretty terrifying- the way the dragon is emerging from the horizon with it's mouth open. We're not sure what the form on the right looks like, but whatever it is, it's about to get eaten by a cloud monster. 

5. Desert Dragon

Everything about this photograph is epic. Can you imagine seeing that in person?!

6. Fiery Beauty

Starting to think that Mother Nature is a total Tolkien fan.

7. Ethereal Creature

This guy looks like he might by Mushu's great grandfather, or something.

8. Sky Serpent

This one's a little less visible, but still there for sure. After this picture was taken, the magical sky serpent fell in to the ocean for lack of wings. It was on the news, promise.

9. Fire Breather

How?! How on Earth is this real??

Okay, so maybe this one doesn't count because it was edited, but we still think it looks awesome!

Which photo was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

[If you have any information about photographs that weren't credited, please leave the details below. Thank you!] 

Author: Nate Morgan