A Poltergeist Caught on Film! What Would You Do if You Saw This??

Poltergeists: We've heard the stories, seen the classic 80s movie, and cringed through the less-classic 2015 remake. But the majority of us have no basic evidence or personal experience to prove that these mischievous entities actually exist.

Imagine you're at work and, without logical reason, a stationary object suddenly moves as if an invisible hand was pushing it around. Well, that's what happened in this Mexican warehouse for coworkers and surveillance cameras to witness. Watch the video below:

It seems like Mr. Striped Shirt freaks out a little bit before calling his friend over to look at the trolley. We have to admit, we'd be pretty scared too. With no visible slopes on the ground, what could cause this kind of movement? Perhaps it was just a prank played on an unsuspecting coworker. Or was it something more... otherworldly?

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Author: Nate Morgan