5 Malevolent Entities You Could Summon But Probably Shouldn't

According to legend, you can summon the following ghosts and ghouls to the Earthly realm. We recommend you not try any of the things you are about to read... seriously. 

1. Bloody Mary 

Bloody Mary appears when you look into a mirror and recite her name three times, clearly and slowly. Some say that she's an angry, sinister spirit. Others argue that she is harmless, as the original legend claims her to be a fortune teller for young maidens. Not so bad, right? Wrong. Some people claim that, if you invite her out of the mirror and into our realm, she haunts you and your family for years after. 

For best results turn off all the lights, and summon her in a group of three or more. Some have seen a face appear only for a moment, while other, less fortunate folks have see a full blown corpse in the mirror. Some have even claimed that Bloody Mary whispers the name of one of her summoners before disappearing.

2. Baby Blue

Once, a disturbed woman gave birth to a child and was convinced that it was actually the spawn of Satan. The birth was premature and took place in a bathroom, and as soon as the baby was born the mother shattered a mirror and stabbed the baby with a shard of glass. 

As legend tells, it is possible to hold Baby Blue if you follow the specific instructions of one of these two methods:


Enter your private bathroom with a friend and steam up the mirror by running the shower on hot. With your finger, write "Baby Blue" on the fogged up mirror. Turn off the light, wait for three minutes, and then hold your hands out to receive the baby. When one of you feels the weight of the child, gently pass it between each other without dropping it. If you drop the baby once, you will feel a sharp scratch on your arm. If you drop it twice, you will feel two scratches. A third drop, and the baby's mother (who is chillin' in the room with you, by the way) will slit your throat. No pressure!


You can be alone for this second method. Turn the bathroom lights off, and repeat Baby Blue 13 times whilst rocking your arms as you would a baby. You will soon feel the weight of the child in your arms. Be warned; if you hold the baby for too long, the mother will scratch you on the arm, signaling that you must return the baby to her at once.

3. Slenderman

Although originally thought to be the a character created in an online writing competition, the Slenderman legend spans back about a century. This disturbing presence is known for his fondness for children, whom he abducts and takes deep into the forest.

He is over ten feet tall, wears a full suit and has a featureless face. Some renderings portray him with tentacles, which are said to extend and capture his chosen victim. He is most often spotted in the woods or near children's playgrounds. Here is how you summon him:

For best results, do this at night. Go into the woods and carve Slenderman's emblem, a circle with an 'x' through it, into a tree. Rest your face against the tree and close your eyes. Finally, summon him by chanting

"Slenderman, Slenderman, all the children try to run,
Slenderman, Slenderman, to him it's part of the fun.
Slenderman, Slenderman, dressed in dark his suit and tie,
Slenderman, Slenderman, you most certainly will die."

4. Charlie Charlie

The Pencil Game, also known as Charlie Charlie, is the newest paranormal "game" to hit the net, with over 2 million player-uploaded videos on YouTube. However, it is believed to have originated in Mexico many years ago. Although it is considered to be a game, it should be taken very seriously. Many people have reported strange occurrences after playing, especially when they end the game incorrectly. Make sure to do your research before attempting this at home!

5. Smile.jpg/ Smile.dog

This one is truly terrifying... The legend is as follows:

A young writer worked with a mentor in an effort to get his first book published. His mentor was a well-respected author herself and was always willing to help.

One day, when the writer went to see his mentor, he was surprised to find that nobody answered the door. Thinking she had stepped out of the house, he left. But when he returned later that day there was still no sign of her, and he began to worry. When he opened the mail slot on the bottom of the door, he heard strange noises and wretched screams. He quickly called the Police.

His poor mentor had barricaded herself in her room and was screaming about demons and ghosts that were surrounding and tormenting her. She eventually went so mad that she tore off her own ears, gouged out her eyes, cut out her tongue, and died shortly after.

All of this madness supposedly started when a floppy disc was anonymously dropped through her door. The now-infamous disc contained only one file. Smile.jpg. It is believed that viewing the image incites complete insanity. No other copy of the original image is said to exist online. 

Surviving victims all give similar descriptions of the image, and some have made mock images (such as the one above) to depict what they saw.

"A dog-like creature (usually described as appearing similar to a Siberian husky), illuminated by the flash of the camera, sits in a dim room, the only background detail that is visible being a human hand extending from the darkness near the left side of the frame. The hand is empty, but is usually described as "beckoning". Of course, most attention is given to the dog (or dog-creature, as some victims are more certain than others about what they claim to have seen). The muzzle of the beast is reputedly split in a wide grin, revealing two rows of very white, very straight, very sharp, very human-looking teeth."

- Creepypasta

Some have tried to upload the original image to wikipedia, but all pages are promptly deleted and users who do so are immediately banned from wikipedia.

Author: Nate Morgan