Demons Torment Family in a Real Life Horror Story

Meet Latoya Ammons from Gary, Indiana.

In November of 2011, Latoya and her three children moved into this small, unassuming white house. 

In May of 2012, the Ammons fled the house in terror, convinced it was a portal to hell.

But who's to know for sure? After all, it's the Ammons' word against ours, and demonic possession is the stuff of movies and novels– right?

Not quite.

Actually, what happened to the Ammons family was witnessed first hand by psychologists, social workers, doctors, nurses, policemen, and a priest.  All of these professionals are in agreement that Latoya and her family were under paranormal attack.

It started with little things: phantom dog barks, a mysterious clear oil bleeding from the walls, shadows, lights flickering, footprints, swarms of dead flies, religious objects being violently thrown across the room, family members getting very sick and being choked by invisible forces in the basement...

Wait, what?

As the incidents became more intense, the family turned to prayer, which is apparently the #1 pet peeve for demons. The children were inexplicably thrown about the house, they levitated in their sleep, and suffered freakish episodes that involved convulsing, growling, bleeding, shaking and chanting Satanic verses in Latin. Often, the afflicted child would have no subsequent memory of what had happened.

It soon became clear that prayer wasn't going to be enough.

A clairvoyant who visited the house told Latoya that there were about 200 demons in her house, notably in the basement area. Yikes! You know what they say, "two's company...?" Well, two hundred demons is a FREAKING NIGHTMARE!

Cops were skeptical, but upon visiting the residence, a staticky voice in their radios uttered the words "YOU OUTTA HERE," and pictures of the house were mysteriously deleted from their phones. Captain Austin of the Gary Police recalls an experience he had shortly after visiting the possessed home, "...when I went back to my car the drivers seat was just moving backwards and forwards by itself. Backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards."

The next time the captain returned to the house was with a priest.

We don't blame him.

possessed nativity.png

As seems to have been the trend, the priest was highly skeptical of the Ammons' claims. However, he was soon convinced that there was indeed a demonic presence in the house which, he believed, was a result of a "hex" placed on Latoya and her house. The priest agreed to perform not one, but three exorcisms.

The icing on this hellish cake was when Latoya's nine year old son walked backwards up a hospital wall and, moments later, flipped over in the air and landed on the ground. Nurses who witnessed this terrifying act fled the room and refused to tend to the child further. Doctors, paramedics and social workers were also present for the scene, and they all tell the same story.

Want to take a little tour of the "hell hole" where this all started?

In this link, Latoya's mother bravely takes a camera crew through the house.

Author: Nate Morgan