The Old He-Man Toys Collecting Dust in Your Basement Could Be Worth Thousands

If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, chances are you’re well aware of the once prolific He-Man franchise. Apart from the iconic television cartoon, He-Man, his arch nemesis Skeletor, and other Masters of The Universe characters could be seen in toy stores everywhere. Nowadays, He-Man merchandise will fetch a pretty penny provided it is AFA certified and still contained in its original, mint packaging. If only your parents never let you open the box! You might have hated them for it, but you'd be thanking them now!

Here are some He-Man toys that could make you a small fortune:

Clamp Champ

Although this character never appeared on the He-Man cartoon series, he can still bring in the bank! A mint Clamp Champ has an estimated worth of around $200, but the above figurine (AFA 80) is currently on sale for $260!


Like Clamp Champ, Twistoid never claimed his fame on the He-Man television series. He was invented much later as an attempt to keep buyers interested in the franchise. This colorful gizmo goes for about $300 in mint, while an out-of-box figure can fetch $185


Jitsu, the evil master of martial arts, can karate chop his way into your collection for a mere $500. Fun fact: He appeared only once on the TV series for fear that he would be seen as a tasteless Asian stereotype...Oops. 

Scare Glow

The cool thing about Skeletor's trusty ghost warrior Scare Glow is that he comes with eerie, glow-in-the-dark bones! A typical mint Scare Glow will fetch you about $500. 

He Man and Road Ripper

Although He-Man's preferred mode of transportation is his Battle Cat, he sometimes opts to ride his strangely Native American-esque warrior carrier, Road Ripper. You can grab this set for a total of $900 on eBay!

Original He-Man 

While the various allies and enemies of He-Man are nothing to scoff at, it's He-Man himself who can score you the most dough. The 1983 figurine of the original big kahuna was just sold for $4,249. Pardon our French but, holy sh*t!

Savage/Wonder Bread He-Man

Savage He-Man is legendary for being the rarest He-Man toy ever produced. It was originally created as a promotional mail-in offer for Wonder Bread, so it is practically impossible to find in mint packaging. However, a loose figure generally goes for at least $1000.

Series One Skeletor

Skeletor, The Lord of Destruction ,is He-Man's arch-nemesis and arguably the most badass cartoon villain ever to grace TV screens. This fearsome dude just sold for $1,699, which is a pretty standard rate for an AFA 70, first generation Skeletor.

Skeletor and Panthor

Every evil psychopath needs a trusty steed or, in Skeletor's case, a big purple cat. This Skeletor and Panthor set can ride into your collection for a decent price of $1,595.00

Laser Light Skeletor

Laser Light Skeletor never circulated in the states, potentially making him the most rare of the Skeletor collectables. A mint condition, boxed figure just sold for a hefty $1,711.

She Ra, Princess of Power

She-Ra was created to appeal to young girls in the same way the He-Man appealed to young boys. The alter-ego of He-Man's twin sister, She-Ra was given her own show and her own line of toy merchandise with Mattel. This rare, 1984 playset of She-Ra and her magic unicorn Swift Wind is being sold for a whopping $3,400!

Castle Grayskull

A demonic-looking fortress located somewhere on planet Eternia, Castle Grayskull is said to hold the secrets to becoming the true 'Master of the Universe'. Now you can defend the castle from Skeletor and his minions for $8,500


Behold Eternia, the largest MOTU playset and the Rolls-Royce of He-Man collectables. Produced towards the end of the franchise's popularity, it is extremely rare to find a boxed, mint condition Eternia. However, there just so happens to be one on sale right now for a staggering $15,000. Took yours out of its packaging? Not all is lost: An out-of-box, semi-good condition Eternia playset can still make you upwards of $500.

Text by: Nate Morgan