These 22 Kids Look Like They Came Straight Out Of A Scary Movie

It's a common misconception that all children are innocent and naive - some of these little kiddos are definitely up to NO good! 

1. There is some evil behind those chubby cheeks. 

2. A terrifying note from a terrifying toddler. 

3. This is one birthday party that I definitely wouldn't want to go to. 

4. Someone is getting a little too into their light reading. 

5. Mommy, am I beautiful now? 

6. Up to no good since birth. 

7. Happy Valentines Day, Mom and Dad!

8. Plotting how to kill of the entire family. 

9. Merry Christmas from this little girl. 

10. This is when I wouldn't work at this place any longer. 

11. There's nothing quite as cute as children expressing themselves artistically. 

12. An actual Chuckie! 

13. After she finishes this ice cream, you're next. 

14. "But I want to be the ONLY child."

15. So this is how you play with toys these days. 

16. Always keep a cake in front of this one. 

17. I don't WANT to take family photos on the beach! 

18. These poor ducks just don't know whats coming for them. 

19. Middle child syndrome. 

20. Just don't open the sliding door. 

21. She's got some dark thoughts up in that little mind! 

22. I told you I wanted a COFFEE. 

Which one freaks you out the most? Let us know!