10 Unforgettable Nightmare Before Christmas Party Ideas!

You don't have to become a Christmas caper to throw the party of the year!

I Love Halloween has the 10 best treats that will help make your celebration the talk of the town, all the way to Halloween Town! Be warned that Jack Skellington may show up to party the ghoulish way!

1. Jack Skellington Pumpkin Bowl

Photo:  Disney Family

Any Nightmare party must honor the the Pumpkin King, literally! Paint Jack on some pumpkins and then carve them into convenient bowls. 

2. “This is Halloween” Banner

Photo:  Disney Family

May there be no doubt in anyone's mind! This printable banner is a friendly reminder that your guests must be ready to be spooked and get their screams on! 

3. Doll Cookies

Inspired by voodoo dolls, these cookies are a phenomenal way to show the love for Jack and his sweetness Sally. 

4. Black Light Lemonade

These sneaky lemonade recipe is delicious, but gives a mega kick when you turn off the lights! The neon setting of Oogie Boogie’s lair will come to mind the moment you serve up this haunting treat! 

5. Hanging Zero

With this easy to follow tutorial, you can make sure Jack's loyal ghost pup, Zero, makes an appearance! You may get some screams when this ghost floats up and surprises your guests! 

6. Graveyard Brownie Cups

Photo:  Babble

Photo: Babble

These brownie cups may look spooky, but they are completely delicious and will greatly amuse all of Jack’s sinister friends!

 7. Oogie Boogie’s DIY Dice

Oogie Boogie, that gambling ghoul, loves to play games! Give him a shout-out at your party with replicas of Oogie Boogie’s dice. Have your guests test their luck, with playful consequences only, please! 

8. Nightmare Before Christmas Photo Booth Props

Photo:  Amanda Keyt

Make your party unforgettable with a photo booth! Download these printable props and let the endless fun begin! 

9. Printable Forest Trees

Photo:  Babble

Photo: Babble

Imagine a dessert table that represents the various lands and the enchanted forest that separates them. Start by making a miniature forest of these printable 3D trees.

10. Oreo Penguin Cupcakes

Photo:  Babble

Photo: Babble

Bring Christmas Town residents to life with these penguin cupcakes! With the two themed chocolate treats served, guests will follow the Jack Skellington way and take both! 

Enjoy your Spooktacular party!

Author: Gal Shyli Dayan