This Make-up Artist's Creepy Halloween Masks Are A Mind-Blowing Treat!

Make-up artist Nikki Shelley paints incredible and intense masks for Halloween that will make you scream!

Nikki has blessed us with these awesome shots of her Halloween body art to spook us and excite us before the big day! Are you ready to enjoy some seriously eye-popping pictures that are as inspiring as they are terrifying?   


Nikki began face painting years ago as a fun activity and way to entertain her 3 young children during events such as school holidays.


Nikki later realized that this was more than just a hobby with her children. She discovered her love for face painting and she began to paint at events of close friends and family.

Her masks are so captivating and some even look like optical illusions! 

She paints using Hypoallergenic, non toxic, washable paints that are surprisingly easily removed with only soap and water.


 These interpretations of a giant mouth are crazy! 

Besides face painting, Nikki also does glitter tattoos and body art!

Nikki works from Rugby, Warwickshire. Luckily we can all enjoy her work regardless of our location from the comfort of our home .

After you take a minute to relax from the shock of this amazing work that is super scary and amazingly executed, let us know which one is your favorite! 

Author: Gal Shyli Dayan