Celebrate The Countdown To Halloween With These Mesmerizing Characters!

I Love Halloween is so excited to feature Amanda Chapman and her 31 Days of Halloween  Makeup creations! She even has a special exclusive treat for our readers!

I Love Halloween recently had the privilege to interview this talented makeup artist about how she creates her unforgettable characters. Amanda's amazingly lifelike personas remind us how celebrating Halloween is a chance to escape from our reality and walk in someone else’s shoes. Don’t get us wrong; it is so much fun to spook and get spooked, but it can also be a meaningful and eye-opening experience! 

Amanda says that she has always loved Halloween. In October of 2012, she combined her artistic skills with this love for the first time. She began using makeup to transform herself into a different character for each day of October.

After she and her family received some unsettling news in August of 2012, Amanda found the strength to be proactive. Her “31 Days Of Halloween” self portrait makeup series began as a way to inspire her family and lift their spirits! 2015 marks the fourth year of the 31 Days series, which Amanda says has developed into a celebration of positive evolution. I Love Halloween hopes things continue to improve for Amanda and her family!

Amanda gets most of her inspiration from characters, television shows, and movies that she loves. She particularly admires Tim Burton's films and his lively imagination, as well as the work of actor Johnny Depp. The fact that two of her muses have collaborated so many times gives her lots of character references to choose from; and we love the results! 

Amanda is also a big fan of The Walking Dead, and she has created zombie/walker makeup every year since the start of her 31 Days Of Halloween series. This year, her walker look took several days! After sculpting and molding some gelatin prosthetic pieces from a face cast she made, she applied the prosthetics and makeup to her face- a process which took about 3 to 4 hours. 

Although concocting complex looks for 31 days in a row can be long and tedious, Amanda feels such gratification when she takes a step back and looks at all the characters she has created. She especially adores all of her Tim Burton and Walking Dead characters, but her favorite is Edward Scissorhands, who is “near and dear to [her] heart.”          

Amanda had more exciting news to share with us!

I Love Halloween will be the first to feature some photos from her new "Ghouls & Guisers", Children Of The Present In Costumes Of The Past photography series!

This new series has been many years in the making, as Amanda has been busy gathering and collecting vintage Halloween costumes. Her collection to date includes masks and garments from the early 1900's, along with nostalgic plastic masks and costumes from the 50's-80's!

"I absolutely love seeing the antique photographs that have been circulating on the internet of children wearing these utterly eerie costumes as they went trick or treating, or 'guising' as it was originally referenced."

This new photography series happens to have 31 photographs.... coincidence? We think not! 

Luckily, there are more ways to enjoy Amanda's work! She has recently released a 31 Days Of Halloween calendar for 2016, which features many of her looks from the past four years. It is now available for purchase at her Etsy shop for $20. You can also find more of her work on the Amanda Chapman Makeup & Photography website and Facebook Page

Wishing the best to Amanda, her family, and all our readers! Have a very Happy Halloween!

Author: Gal Shyli Dayan