11 Cool & Creative Halloween DIY Decorations

At I Love Halloween we wanted to make sure you knew that there are great ways to decorate for Halloween on a budget using trash bags

One man's trash is another man's treasure...

Take a look at our favorites:

1. Ghosts

Tutorial:  Mom Spark

Tutorial: Mom Spark

2. Spider Webs

Tutorial:  How about orange  

Tutorial: How about orange 

3. Curtains



4. Dancing Ghosts

6. Skeleton

Tutorial:  Instructables

Tutorial: Instructables

6. Wreath

Tutorial:  Dabbled

Tutorial: Dabbled

7. Bats

Tutorial:  Mad Haus Creative

8. Spider

Tutorial:  Mom Endeavors

Tutorial: Mom Endeavors

9. Pumpkins

10. Witch

Via:  About.com

11. Hanging Spider

Will you try any of these? Post your pictures in the comments sections below!

Compiled by Gal Shyli Dayan

Sourced from Bloglovin'