10 Life Hacks for the Perfect Halloween

1. Use a Drill

Use a drill to make cool designs into your pumpkins! Try different things out like flowers, crazy patterns, and even your very own graphics. 
This one is way easier than it looks. 

2. Glowing Pumpkins

Who needs to carve a pumpkin when you can just decorate it with glow-in-the-dark paint?

3. Bug Tights

Attach some plastic bugs to your tights and freak people out into thinking that there are little creatures crawling all over you! 

4. Pumpkin Burgers

"Carve" scary pumpkin faces into some slices of cheese to give your burgers a creepy pumpkin effect! This is great for any Halloween cookout. 

5. Chocolate Hats and Witch Brooms

For the hats: Hershey kisses, frosting, and fudge striped cookies. For the brooms: peanut butters cups and pretzel sticks. 

6. Monster House

Use construction paper and cardboard to make it look like your house is full of monsters! 

7. Glowing Drinks

Bet you didn't know that tonic water glows in the dark! Serve some drinks with tonic water, light up a blacklight, and watch your drinks glow! 

8. Glowing Cups

Decorate your cups with a sharpie and put small LED lights inside of them! They give off a spooky light and show off your designs. 

9. Make Your Own Ghosts

Use chicken wire to shape out your very own ghosts for your lawn. This will really give people the spooks! 

10. Finger Foods 

Use carrots and almonds to make scary fingers shaped appetizers! 

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