15 Crazy Halloween Costumes Worth the Time

1. Steampunk Frankenstein

This one takes some effort but the payoff will be INCREDIBLE! 

2. The Restored "Ecce Homo" Painting

Slightly horrifying but very accurate. 

3. Slenderman

Terrify all of the neighborhood children! 

4. Banksy

5. Power Loader from "Aliens" 

A perfect father/son costume. 

6. Black and White Movie Stars

This one looks real! 

7. Magritte's Son of Man Costume

This is pretty "surreal." 

8. When Dinos Attack

Okay, this one looks a little too real. So great. 

9. To the Stars! 

Blast away the other competition at the costume party. 

10. Mr. Clean

Accurate! Kind of freaked me out a little! 

11. It's My Head in a Box!

A much more cleaner twist on the classic phrase. 

12. Zombie Audrey Hepburn

Classy and scary. 

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