Your Halloween woes solved! 7 Easy Yet Sexy Makeup Tutorials [Video]

Halloween is the best time to relax your inhibitions and get dressed up!  But it can be hard to figure out how to be just the right amount of sexy without going overboard. 

Do you really just want to be another naught nurse? I Love Halloween has saved you from this headache by providing you with 7 easy makeup tutorials that will leave you looking fun, flirty and fabulous. Some may even inspire a cool new costume!

Are you ready for this? 

1. Sexy Zombie

Fierce. Awaken the dead with this bold look!

2. Sexy Cat

A classic. Black never goes out of style!

3. Sexy Skull

Show-stopping. The eyes may be the window to your soul but that mouth will steal the show!

4. Sexy Clown

Silly & sexy. Everyone loves the girl with a sense of humor!

5. Sexy Vampire

Luscious. Subtle yet so sexy!

6. Sexy Devil

Fantastical. When you want to say, "I am good but I do love to be bad!"

7. Sexy Witch

Spellbinding. Those eyes are seriously magical!

Compiled by Gal Shyli Dayan

Source: Bustle