If you never thought of Santa as creepy you will definitely change your mind after seeing this!

He knows when you are sleeping; he knows when you are awake! There is nothing scarier than some fat guy sneaking into your house at night who knows whether you have been bad or good!  Below are some of our favorite creepy pictures of Santa. Some are dolls, some are vintage pictures, some are good old fashioned, 'normal' Santas doing their job.  The common thread between them is that they will give you nightmares and have you reconsider loving this jolly guy.  Enjoy!

I See You!

I Want To Drink Your Blood!

What The Hell Is This?

Vintage Santas are the Creepiest

The Eyes of Evil

Take Me Home With You

He Will Come To Get You In Your Sleep

Your Soul Is Mine

So Creepy

Can't decide which one is creepiest...


Santa in His Office

Santa is Really Old and He Knows Everything

You Don't Fool Me Evil One!

What do you think? Do you agree this guy is creepy?