11 Easy and Fun Halloween Hacks. I love #6!

Believe it or not, you don't actually have to break the bank each Halloween. These creative Halloween hacks are cheap enough for penniless college kids and simple enough for those of us who are... well, lazy. Give one a try and let us know how it goes. Happy hacking!

1. Glow in the Dark Pumpkins 


For the hack above, Tulip is a good brand option. 

2. Jack O' Lantern Patties

Impress your neighbors with completely fake pumpkin carving skills! Make sure you have a drill and different sized drill bits. 

3. Blood Stained Hand Towel

An unexpected bathroom addition to any haunted house or Halloween bash. Maybe don't use your favorite hand towel for this hack. 

4. Pumpkin Patties

Now's your chance to cut the cheese in the most festive way! Make your cheddar better with these jack o' lantern faces.

5. Bug Tights

Get some (plastic) bugs of your choice and glue them to a pair of sheer or flesh colored tights. The perfect creepy costume for procrastinators like us :-P

6. The Hungry House

The creator, Bob, explains how he achieved this cool look here.

7. Chocolate Witch Hats

Look complicated? Look again! These witch hats don't require much: Hershey Kisses, orange frosting, and striped fudge cookies. A perfect little hors d'oeuvre to start off your Halloween gathering.

8. Glowing Cup Lights


Make sure you use LED candles for this one... That would be an embarrassing way to burn down your house.

9. Glowing Drinks

If you have a black light, make sure your serve some beverages with tonic water. The quanine in tonic water will make it glow! Tip: TAKE A SHOWER if you decide to have a black light party, unless you want your dandruff to upstage you.

10. Finger Food

Get your health on this Halloween with carrot fingers and almond nails! See instructions HERE

11. Ghostly Figures

These ghosts were made out of chicken wire!

Author: Nate Morgan