Dressed to Kill: 14 Halloween Heels to Die for!

1. Jack Skellington Heels

These glimmering, custom made Jack heels by UniqueAccess are perfect for any Nightmare Before Christmas fan! Bring the Pumpkin King to the Halloween party with these glamorous lovelies. 

2. Spine Heels

The skull and rose design on these vertebrae heels by Show Story, will send shivers up any spine! 

3. American Nightmare Red Platforms

Our favorite part about these luscious red wonders by Iron Fist is the corset-lace heel on the back! Very creative. 

4. Sequin Skulls

These sultry skull heels by Iron Fist send the message; "I'll kick your ass AND I'm queen of the jungle"! 

5. Wicked Witch of the West

These witch boots are completely necessary for any broom-wielding vixen. Just watch out for Dorothy and her falling house!

6. Pinhead

"I have such sights to show you" - Pinhead

Custom made heels by UniqueAccess

7. Blood-Splattered Heels

These grisly, Funtasma blood-splattered heels would be the perfect set for any demented nurses or evil scientists out there.... or maybe zombie bride?

8. Mummy Boots

Entomb the heart of every boy and girl with these sexy mummy high heeled boots!

9. Freddy!

One, Two, Freddy's Coming for You!  Another special creation byUniqueAccess

10. Day of The Dead

Say ¡hola! to these festive Dia De Los Muertos heels! These would be prefect for a Catrina Pin Up, don't you think?  

11. Creepy Spider Heels

Another creepy crawly creation by UniqueAccess

12. Zombie

The bow adds some much-needed girlish charm to this gruesome number. Zombie pin up, anyone?  Heels created by Iron Fist. 

13. Raven Heels

Planning a bone-chillingly gothic outfit for Halloween? Consider these black and chrome Raven Heels 

14. Inferno 

Pick up a slinky red dress and these firey heels by Iron Fist for your descent into the Halloween inferno. We happen to love those sinfully stylish horns in the back!

Text by Nate Morgan