When Halloween Used to be Really Scary

1. Skeleton From Hell!

The skeleton costume is creepy!  I am going to have nightmares. 

2. Simple Yet Terrifying

The desolation is what makes this frightening. 

3. Puppets

Want to play with me?

4. I Have My Eyes On You!

The eyes say everything. 

5. School Yard

Not sure what I'd do if this little guy showed up in the middle of the night...

6. Minions 

Free hugs everyone!

7. Freaky Friday

Donnie Darko meets Where the Wild Things Are meets Batman and Robin?

8. Ant Eaters in Love

This is quite a pair. 

9. Want to Know Your Future?

Nope, thanks.

10. Bizarro Couple

There is something a bit disturbing about these two. 

11. Masks

Another one that's simple yet terrifying. 

12. Skeleton Dance

You could make up a whole horror story just from this one image. 

13. Give Me Your Soul

Save yourself kitty, while you still can!

14. Chilling

Satan's little helpers...

15. Want an Apple?

Nope, nope. 

16. Spooky Skull

That dog might actually be a ghost.

17. Why?!

This is just all kinds of wrong.

18. Smile!

Could be wrong but... is that a sad Jesus?

19. Alien Attack!

This is actually really cool!

20. Skeleton Horses

Also cool.

Text by Marcos Fragoso