18 Excellent Halloween Cakes

Chicago resident Dina Cimarusti is an award winning cake maker. As a kid, her artistic talent was discovered by her parents, and they put her in every art class her school had to offer.  The passion for her art is evident in her work, and her creations range from the whimsical to the realistically frightful and fun. 

Dina is also a masterful creator of masks and she is one of the finalists of season seven of the SyFi show FaceOff.  Some of her handmade masks are available for sale here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Dinasaurclub

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

2. Chucky


3. Zombie

Ready for dessert?

4. I See You

5. Alien Grotesque

I don't think I could even eat this one.

6. Smile!

7. Fairy Tale

Once upon a time...

8. Melange of Fun

Slimer really makes the cake.

9. Queen of the Lizard People

The details on this one are just amazing.

10. Realistic Snake

11. Demon

12. Monsters Inc.

Gavin is one lucky kid!

13. The Stuff of Nightmares

14. Yum!

15. Want to Play?

16. Monstrous

17. Are You Afraid of Clowns?


Text by Marcos Fragoso