22 Stunning and Delightful Pumpkin Carvings by Pumpkin Sculpt USA

Pumpkin Sculpt USA is owned and operated by Sue Beatrice (Food Network's Halloween Wars and SyFy's Carvers) and Andy Gertler (Travel Channel's Sand Masters). They are amazing artists who have carved out a niche in which they transform pumpkins into fine art.  

Sue Beatrice is a professional sculptor in many mediums, as pumpkin carving only happens for a few months each year. She has created original designs and prototypes for companies such as Disney, The Danbury Mint, Waterford Crystal, Hasbro Toys, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Frankford Candy & Chocolates, Roseart, Crayola, Jim Henson Corporation, and many more. Sue's personal art has led her to create magical works using antique pocket watches. You can view her work here.

Andy Gertler is a professional sculptor who specializes in the ephemeral arts. He has traveled the world, working with a variety of different elements including, sand, ice, snow and most recently, pumpkins. Andy owns and operates Sand Sculpt USA, a professional sand sculpture company. Andy worked for two years as a host of Travel Channel's reality TV show "Sand Masters".  He won a silver and bronze medal from the The World Ice Art Championships and has a Guinness World Record for the largest marshmallow mosaic. 

1. The Spirit of 1456

This work of art was made from what must be the largest pumpkin ever grown on Long island. Sue and Andy carved a scary scene entirely out of this massive pumpkin. The horses reigns were created using the pumpkin's vine.

2. Eagle Fighting A Viper

3. Chef Franken-Bunny

4. Baby Elephant

This big 3-day carve was done for the Bronx Zoo last year. Pumpkin Sculpt USA carved this 900 lb baby elephant and handed out information on www.96elephants.org - an organization devoted to saving elephants in the wild.  

His body was carved from a 600 lb. pumpkin, his head from a 150 lb. pumpkin and his ears and trunk were carved from another 150 lb. pumpkin.

5. Aristocrat

6. Zoo-Koo Clock!

7. Freaky Face

8. Creature from The Black Lagoon

9. Elephant And Little Friend

10. Vampire Bat

11. Meow!

12. Pirate Ship

13. Up and Away!

14. Race Snail

15. Artist Sue Beatrice Carves a Giraffe

16. Artist Andy Gertler with Franken Donkey

17. A Face in the Leaves

18. Grandma

19. Peacock

20. Beast

21. Komodo Dragons

22. So Cute!

Visit Pumpkin Sculpt USA's website for for information, and let us know what you think about their work in the comment section below!